CAUKIN [caw kin]

CAUKIN is a group that focuses on introducing fun, creative, and innovative design to the lives of communities around the world.

We take teams of international volunteers to locations such as The Pacific, South East Asia and Africa, to design and build community projects.

We strive to push client’s briefs, to best accommodate their needs through good quality design. Our design and build courses offer an education in culture, practical skills and design. This helps to empower our volunteers and the local communities to continue being creative after we complete the project, by developing their knowledge and skills in the field of architecture. 


CAnada + united kingdom + indonesia




"Merging three of my biggest passions, design, construction and travel, into a cohesive experience was something I have always aspired to do. I enjoy working as part of a team and see every member as a leader in their own right." - Joshua Peasley


"The CAUKIN projects create unique experiences of traveling and working internationally, bring together motivated people from all cultural backgrounds and produce impactful built results. I’m excited by the bigger and better future experiences yet to come!" - Andrzej Bak


"To be an impact is always a dream, and seeing first hand on how your work can change one’s life is so surreal. CAUKIN is more than just design, it is a community." - Clarissa Budiono


"Being able to travel all over the world, teaching and helping communities through building is a wonderful thing. The exchange of knowledge is endlessly rewarding." - Samantha Litherland

"With a keen eye for design and an interest in traveling and experiencing different cultures, co-founding CAUKIN was a natural step forward and something that is both challenging and enjoyable every day!" - Harry Thorpe


"After the completion of CAUKIN’s first project; Playscape, it became clear that it held the potential to provide endless opportunities to travel and impact communities throughout the world. Living and working in remote villages has been extremely rewarding." - Harrison Marshall


"CAUKIN has enabled me to give back to communities in need through architecture. The most rewarding aspect has to be the constant learning exchange experienced on every trip, through spending time and becoming part of the community." - Alden Ching