Naidi Community Hall

Savudrodro , FIJI



Project Build Length: 8 Weeks

Project Leaders: Harry Thorpe, Samantha Litherland, Stephanie Moore, David Mahon

International Participants: Jessica Amoroso, Grace Byrne, Holly Chapman, Sarah Delaney, Bethany Elmer, Eirini Ignatiadi, Melina Koutra, Arista Lam, Patricia Marquina, Sarah Noble, Aidana Roberts, Anthoula Tsagkataki, Adam Wade, Natalie Wilson, Jue Wu, Qing Yu

Project Partners: Naqaqa Giving Foundation

Project Donors: Fulton Hogan Hiways, Spratley & Partners, Centrespace Structural Design, Salma Aitali, Paul Isaacs, Claire Fordham

Photographs: Katie Edwards


During the cyclone season every year, including Cyclone Winston in 2016, the excessive rain causes the Savudrodro Creek, running adjacent to Savudrodro Village, to flood. As a result it has caused the village sanitary block to crumble into the river and the old community hall foundations to crack, with this building soon to follow the sanitary block. Occurring every year, this flooding compromises the old community hall’s structure further and further. As a result, in 2018, CAUKIN Studio spent 8 weeks, relocating and constructing a new community hall in the village - raised off the ground to prevent future damage to the hall due to flooding.


Villagers and international participants worked with the CAUKIN Team, in partnership with The Naqaqa Giving Foundation to build the hall, which will now host village meetings, local groups and events, community workshops, weddings and funerals; it is a place for the community to come together as one.

The design consists of large angular portal frames which create a unique and visually striking form. The angular facade to the rear allows a greater unimpeded floor space, lighting and ventilation as well as a floor-level, reclined, seating area. There is a large decking to the front of the building, functioning as a spill out space for the village as well as a place to stage choir performances and traditional Fijian mekes' (dances). This open external space allows the adults to sit and socialise or work on craft work as their young children play on the village green in front. Four large timber sliding doors connect the hall to the main village green whilst the angled rear facade fronts onto the rugby field behind.


More than any other aspect of the building, the finished project is truly a reflection of the people that built it. The hard work, dedication and love given by the village of Savudrodro is what made this community building a building by and for the community.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those that contributed to this project by way of donation, supply of materials or just a helping hand! A special mention to Fulton Hogan HiwaysSpratley Studios, the Naqaqa Giving Foundation, Max Cross, Dan Ball/Josh Williams at Centrespace Design, Paul Isaacs, Salma Aitali, Claire Fordham.

Naidi Community Hall 2

The building is clad in large treated plywood shingles, some of which open out to allow more light and air into the space, maintaining a cool and bright atmosphere inside. These plywood panels create a very unique aesthetic then isn’t found in the local vernacular and makes the building truly stand out, whilst also being somewhat cost-saving. To the rear the design team of local workers and international volunteers managed to re-purpose multiple different building materials to work even harder. The ‘Giant’s Causeway’ staircase as well as off cuts of ply and glass have helped to form the rear decking and bathroom details. The toilet block to the rear consists of two toilets, two showers and a sink; taking the form of a scaled down, mirrored version of the main hall with replicated eaves details.