Project Build Length: 6 weeks

International Participants: Harrison Marshall, Harry Thorpe, Joshua Peasley

Project Volunteers: Aamir Rahim, Akezhan Yegizov, Anna Shishkina, Breffní O Brien, Clarissa Jesslyne, Darya Keivani, David Mahon, Fiona Dempsey, Genevieve Quinn, Hannah Beard, Jin Lihan, Renee Tse, Salma Aitali, Sophia Bharmal, Velislava Doneva

Awards: Shortlisted for Architects Journal Small Project Awards 2018



The Naweni Kindergarten will serve a number of villages and settlements within the surrounding area. Prior to its construction there was no dedicated space for the kindergarten children to learn; instead the dimly lit canteen room was being used as an alternative - a space too small for the number of children in attendance


The design consists of a series of portal timber frames that were prefabricated on the ground and then lifted into place by hand. Within the portal frames the space is split into the large classroom, the adjacent toilet and the entrance veranda. The repeated truss structure provides a distinct aesthetic with a spacious high ceiling. With the introduction of the coloured and patterned material between the portal frames, the space instantly felt like a child friendly space.

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The timber frame allows for flexibility against strong cyclone winds with all connecting junctions carefully considered to provide zero weak points from roof to foundation. Through working closely with the local community, valuable knowledge and experience was exchanged between everyone involved. Completion within the 6 week time frame would not have been possible without the dedication shown by the locals, international participants, and sponsors.


We would like to thank those who contributed to these projects, by way of donation, supply of materials or just a helping hand! A special mention toFulton Hogan HiwaysSpratley Studios, Charlie Gilbert and the Naqaqa Giving Foundation, Max Cross, Dan Ball/Sergio Chirivì/Josh Williams at Centrespace Design.

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