bristol , england

LOST & FOUND | 2015


Project Duration: 1 week

Project Leaders: Hugo Keene & Matt Chan

2nd Years: Alden Ching, David Clark, Eleanor Hall, Harry Thorpe, Hollie Jones, Joshua Peasley, Sophia Chrysanthou

1st Years: Ahad Sheikh, Fiona Fearnley, Giannis Saravelos, Hattie Walton, Vivian Gorham



LOST & FOUND was a design studio that was run and led by Hugo Keene and Matt Chan. It is a collaborative studio between first and second year architecture students to work collectively on a design-build project.


The purpose of the studio was to recondition our thinking toward a culture of upcycling and reuse. This should be intertwined with the notion that quality in buildings need not be about expensive materials or neatly honed finishing, but about the delight that comes from an innovative and playful response to the challenges of construction and design. 


The project's site was located at Chelvey Farm, a farm from which a number of timber related businesses operate from. Our brief was to design and build a composting toilet for the facilities on site. 


The materials that were collected were from visiting recycling centres, waste disposal sites and farms to collect items that had been considered as waste. Identifying useful items depended on the quality and quantity of the material. It was enjoyable to find value in these discarded objects by highlighting the positive characteristics and usefulness of a variety of objects. The materials that we ended up using included: coloured tubes, timber that had been considered imperfect, and sheets of polycarbonate.