Our playground in Bali is coming along very well! We are making steady progress and we are hitting our weekly goals to ensure we complete the project in time. Our target for the first three weeks was to complete the main structure of the playground. So far, we've run into a few difficulties as we are constantly learning more and more about bamboo as a building material.

We have spent the last few days digging the foundations which were then filled with aggregate, before placing the bamboo in so that any rain water will drain away from the bamboo structure. 

 Ahad Sheikh.

Ahad Sheikh.

In 'Playscape' last year we worked mainly with timber, hammers and nails to join pieces together. However, nails split the bamboo, so we have had to find alternatives. After asking different workshops around our site, we found that it was best to use bamboo dowels to join our bamboo together. We create these dowels by cutting the bamboo to the appropriate length and then splitting it into separate pieces that can be trimmed down to be doweled.

We said goodbye to our 3 week volunteers at the start of the week, to welcome the final 3 weekers! A big thank you to those who have helped us so far. This last update is a few days later than planned, and we have progressed a lot more since! Stay tuned here in the next few days to see what stage we are currently at. 

Alden Ching