After arriving in Jakarta, we've had a few days to settle in and explore the Indonesian capital. We have our very own tour guide in our founder, Clarissa, and she has been showing us around her city. We've been very lucky to have such a good tour guide to show us where to go and to take us to some amazing local places to eat.

We found ourselves running to lots of different places to find wifi so we could have our meeting, and eventually we found a Chatime, popular for their bubble tea. Whilst we enjoyed our drinks we got down to work and started coordinating final arrangements for our volunteers arrival.

Although it has been a fun few days, lots of planning still needs to be done ahead of the arrival of our volunteers. We are currently contacting our clients to go over final designs and making final preparations.

Most importantly, we have been in touch with a few local companies to provide us with the building materials that are needed for our projects. We have also been to look at the tools we will be needing to build our projects, an essential part of these few days before the start of our building phase. 

 Bali design on left, Cipanas design on right. 

Bali design on left, Cipanas design on right. 

We can't wait for our volunteers to arrive and for both our projects to be on their way! 

Alden Ching