August 3, 2015


We have just completed four complete days of hard work! We've built a lot more than we could have ever imagined in the past four days and so far we are extremely happy and proud with how everything is going. Our days usually start at 8:00AM for breakfast and we start working at 8:30-8:45AM. The past two days we've been working long days until around 6PM without a lunch break. However, we do take a lot of water breaks as the heat is quite a lot to work in. 

We've been lucky enough to also get help from some of the locals on the island who help at the charity, Friends of Koh Rong, and also the school kids themselves! We had a few mishaps today in uncovering that we had a few massive boulders in the middle of where we needed to build, but with their help we were able to move them and continue building. Although this stopped us a bit, we carried through and have still managed to get lots done. 

It's amazing to see the kids so happy to already play on what little bit of the playground we have already built and what their imagination can bring. It makes us extremely excited to see what our project will be like when it's finished and hope you are too! 


Alden Ching