August 29, 2015

A lot has been happening here on the island over the past week and a half or so. Weather hasn't been as nice as it was, but that hasn't stopped us from working yet. Production hasn't been as fast as it used to be, but things are still well under way. We've been joined by three more people, Rosie Elizabeth Hanks, Federico Lippi, and Lauren Maw, recently and are excited to work with our growing team. The more people we have the more we can split the work between ourselves so we can be more productive. We've also had external help from travelers who were just visiting and it has been really nice to have new faces around to help. 

The roof we had up in our last update has been removed. It was only temporary when we had it up. It helped provide shade when it would get too hot to work. Since then we've started to build up some of our walls. We've only recently decided how we will be filling in our walls as a group. We aim to use recyclable materials and any washed up materials we can find on the beaches here to fill the walls. It would also be really nice if we could work with the villagers here on the island and have them design and make some bits so they can feel that they are a part of our project as well. 

Something to look forward to is actually coming up in the next few days. On August 31st, it will mark the second year anniversary of Friends of Koh Rong, so we are excited to be able to celebrate with them their achievements along with ours. We are lucky to be able to experience something like this while we are here, so we will be sure to make the most of it and enjoy it as well. That's all for now!


Alden Ching