Our final week has been a busy but enjoyable one. All finishing touches have been completed and the site has had a big tidy up.  

To celebrate indepedance day as well as the completion of the playground, we had a party with some of the children and parents that attend the school. We set up some party games and encouraged the children to test out their new playground. It wasnt long before they were swinging from the ropes and climbing the tower- putting it to the test! Later that evening we held our own celebrations in the form of a bonfire and some fireworks set off over the playground. 

Our final day was spent at the safari park not far from the school. A nice ending to a great 3 weeks! 

We would like to say a huge thankyou to all of our volunteers who helped out in Cipanas this year: David Clark, James Campbell, Harriet Walton, Constantina Samouti, Eirini Dionysopoulu, Elizabeth New, Danielle Simpson, Avantika Raj, Reishin Watabe, Lauren Maw, David Wyles. You’ve all worked tirelessly and have been a great credit to our team! We hope to see you next year. 

 The team!

The team!

We would also like to thank all of those at YUM who have helped us along the way, provided us with some great hospitality and invited us into their comunity: Mba Yolanda, Pak Samsul, Bu Tarkiah, Mba Dian, Kang Oleh, Kang Hamdan, Ita, Ms Lyn, Bu Dessy, Bu Herti, Bu Agnes, Mas Bram

To learn more about the YUM foundation and the great work that they do, follow them on facebook: YUM and check out their website: Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM)

Joshua Peasley