cipanas , indonesia



Project Length: 3 weeks

Project Leaders: Harrison Marshall, Joshua Peasley, Clarissa Budiono

International Participants: David Clark, James Campbell, Elizabeth New, Danielle Simpson, Harriet Walton, Reishin Watabe, Avantika Raj, Eirini Dionysopoulou, Tina Sammouti, Lauren Maw, David Wyles



PLAYVILION is all about the idea of merging work and play together to create a coherent space that the children of Cipanas use to play, read, relax and study. It is a physical manifestation of recess time.


PLAYVILION is situated in Cipanas, Indonesia, surrounded by rice paddy fields in the village of a Valley of Mount Gede. We spent a total of three weeks on site, sourcing materials, measuring out the land, building the pavilions, and getting to know the community. The design consists of four pavilions which help to stimulate the kids through a variety of different activities and interactions. Due to the existing site conditions, the area is divided into two by a stream, this had to be factored into our design from the onset.


The first structure resembles a bridge and crawl space which leads to the second structure: a three-dimensional web to constructed from timber and made up by tying a multitude of rope tied from all four sides of the structure. The third pavilion was designed to accommodate classes or tutorials, with playful strings that acts as a curtain and an obstacle to swing from, aiding in swift movement through the pavilions. The last pavilion, ‘The Tower’ takes advantage of the breezy weather and beautiful view as it stands over the site, three metres above ground, it incorporates two hand tied hammocks and a bamboo ladder for access.


We are extremely grateful for our amazing team of international participants who worked tirelessly to complete such a great playground! Thank you to the YUM foundation for giving us the opportunity to build and get to know their community and way of life! Until next time Cipanas!