2019 Projects Are Here! | Zambia First Days On Site


We have arrived in Zambia! After a long and bumpy journey, ten kilometers down a dirt road, we have arrived at Evergreen school, near Chongwe, ready to start building 4 new classrooms and a teachers office for the amazing Mothers Of Africa.


After making introductions, we set about unloading our tools, luggage, pots and pans, and all of our supplies for the next three months from the back of the truck. A big shout out to the students and teachers who helped out!

Surrounding us is bush land and subsistence farms. Earth, rich in clay, is plentiful on site - good for the thirteen thousand bricks we will need!

The first full day on site consisted of interviewing the local people who will make up our contractor team. To our amazement, 70 people turned up! We were only able to choose a fraction of the applicants, all of which would have made excellent additions to our crew. Despite this, the process was, for the most part, jovial and enlightening. By the end we had all become used the African way of shaking hands... Just about!


Eventually after things had settled down, we hung our mosquito nets and tried our hands at using our charcoal braiser to cook dinner (courtesy of our chef- Harry!). There are twenty two teachers and their families, who make up our neighbours and they are all warm impressionable people that we can’t wait to get to know over the next few months.

A big moon rose above the cloud line and we snuggled down into our lion blankets from Lusaka market, ready for the hard work to begin tomorrow.

A special thanks to Mr Sadik Seedat, Mwiza and Farid who have been our guides for the last two days in Lusaka. Without their kindness and support we would not have been set up quite as comfortably for the next 3 months.

For more information on Mothers Of Africa and the great work they have been doing in Zambia, head to https://www.mothers-of-africa.org.

Joshua Peasley