Build Update 02 | The Slinky's Skeleton


With all the components for the frames made and all the footings cast into our foundations, it was time for the playground to start taking shape.

With the aid of our local team, Alpha, Lamin, Mohamed and Amidu we began raising our first frames. In relatively swift fashion, frames 1-9 were fixed into place and while one half of the team carried on raising the next set. The other half split off to begin on the infill structure between the secured frames. Working on secondary structure, bracing, flooring and support structure for the cladding.


On Friday and Saturday we began to install the self supporting curved element of the playground as well as the start of the towering volume adjacent to it. These elements were, by far, the most complex  so we finished the weekend very pleased with how the curve had taken shape.

This week, whilst productive, has not been without its bumps in the road. The bolts necessary for fixing the frames together and to the foundations have been difficult to source and once found, the handmade production has turned out to be a long laborious process. With the worry that they would not be done in time, we made the decision to have screws sent out with Chief Pa Komrabi Simon (Simon David - co-founder of the Kambia District Foundation) when he arrives next week. These kind of decisions have to be made, showing the group that even the best made plans can change in an instance, due to the nature of the circumstances under which our design and build projects take place.

Over the last 7 days the team have worked swiftly and accurately, with 27 of the 34 frames up and play elements going in already! This hard work has put us in a great position to finish the build by the end of next week, with the promise of a trip to the beach as a final hurrah and relaxation period after the long and busy work schedule.

Joshua Peasley