Get To Know The Team! - Charles & Mohammed

Whilst here in Kambia, amongst a whole host of friendly smiling faces, our two main contacts are Charles and Mohamed. Alongside all the work they do as directors for the Kambia District Foundation, they also do a great deal of work at the Simon Jen primary school, have individual high demand jobs within the community of Kambia and have somehow, still made time to show us around!


Charles is the deputy director of the Kambia District Foundation and also owns the shop and cafe where we spend our lunch times and evenings. It's here that we spend time enjoying his delicious food, a cold Star beer or a local Bumba gin over a good conversation and a bit of a boogie. His shop has given us a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whether it be the football on in a nearby house, the booming dancehall remixes of songs from 2012 or the sounds of pikins (children) playing outside. The shop is surrounded and filled with life. Charles is quickly becoming a good friend as well as helping show us around and patiently translating as we have been sourcing materials, around town, in the run up to the build.


Mohamed is the director of the Kambia District Foundation and is a top surgeon in the Kambia district. He works very long hours whilst also training as a junior preacher for his church. He has been with us from day 1, picking us up from the airport with a big grin and open arms. Both his smile and laugh are infectious and his jokes have had us all in stitches. He showed us around his village of Masama and introduced us to the village elders, who have been as welcoming as Charles and Mohamed. He also took us to the school for the first time; visiting the site and meeting the many kids and teachers. With such a lot on his plate we are so grateful for his time.

We would like to thank them both for making us feel so welcome in their homes, villages and lives. We are looking forward to getting to know them more over the next four weeks!

Joshua Peasley