The Prototype Hive Mind At The Eden Project Is Almost Complete!

After 3 weeks of construction, the observation bee hive named The Hive Mind at The Eden Project in Cornwall is almost finished! After a month, the structure will have been filled with plants and Bees, with a fully operational hive.


A massive thank you to Centrespace Design for their support on the Eden project! A key factor in the project’s success came down to their innovative yet sound contributions to its structural design. We couldn’t do these projects without them and


Located in Cornwall, UK, the Eden project saw the construction of an educational pavilion that will be seen by up to 1 million visitors every year. Inspired by beehives and nature, the pavilion will educate and allow visitors to engage with Cornwall’s local fauna, flora and native bees. The structure mimics how a colony of bees come together to act as one organism, as all the columns are connected and dependent on one another for strength and stability.

The planting scheme, designed by LUC (who originally designed the landscape and masterplan for Eden before it was built!), will see native flora climb the structure to create shading and add an ever changing dynamic to the structure. We would like to thank them for their time and kind donation towards the project!


Scaffolding donated by Sir Robert McAlpine Engineers was painted with resin paint and repurposed to create durable standardised parts. These standardised parts make the structure adaptable – it can be scaled up or down based on time and budget without losing its impact!


The hive itself, designed and fabricated by Christian Brown, will be transparent and surrounded by an infinity mirror, enabling viewers to see the Native Cornish Dark Honey bee in action!

We look forward to the structure’s official opening in September when the bee’s are in full swing!

Joshua Peasley