Project Spotlight: Bula Batiki Coconut Oil Cooperative, Fiji


Batiki island is one of over 300 islands that make up Fiji. Sitting towards the South East of the group of islands, the untouched island of Batiki is home to 300 villagers spread across 4 village settlements.

In 2016, Fiji was stuck by Tropical Cyclone Winston, one of the strongest cyclones in Fjii’s history. The damage caused in its wake was devastating and destroyed many homes and community buildings. The 4 villages on Batiki suffered extensive damage and have been attempting to get back on their feet ever since.

Bula Batiki, set up in 2015, is a collective of the 300 villagers who live on Batiki Island. Their aim is to deliver a delicious, sustainable, coconut oil to support the island’s development. This could be buying things like books for Batiki District School, bandages for the island’s nursing station, or tools to help grow new products or even more coconuts organically.

Photo: Bula Batiki - Callum Drummond

Photo: Bula Batiki - Callum Drummond


Bula Batiki currently use the existing community hall and corners in a few villagers houses to produce the coconut oil which is sold worldwide. Due to the growing demand and success of their pure virgin coconut oil product, the manufacture process has started to take over the buildings in which it occurs.

To comply with food safety and hygiene standards, the facility requires a number of specific spaces all with different functions to pass these regulations. Producing this all whilst on a tight budget poses an interesting design challenge and one which should have a creative but practical outcome!

The construction project will run for 8 weeks and will see completion of a new purpose built facility for the villagers of Batiki island to produce their coconut oil. 20 lucky participants will be working alongside an abundance of community members to construct the facility, living, eating and exploring with the community as they do so.


CAUKIN Studio will be working with Bula Batiki, the Fijian Virgin Coconut Oil social enterprise to complete the project!

Bula Batiki approached CAUKIN in 2018 to explore the possibilities of constructing a facility on Batiki island and have been working closely ever since to make this project a reality.


Applications to join us on this project are open! Visit the application page to see the full details and fill in an application form.

Alternatively you can see how you can be involved in our other projects in 2019 HERE.


This project is currently searching for additional funding. If you, or someone you know could help this incredible cause then please contact us as soon as possible!

Joshua Peasley