Project Spotlight: Ranwas School, Vanuatu


Vanuatu consists of a group of 85 small islands in the Pacific Ocean. Of the 85 islands, 62 are inhabited and are home to a population of around 276,000 people. The village of Ranwas is located on Pentecost island which sits to the North East of the islands.

In 2015, Vanuatu was hit by Tropical Cyclone Pam, the second most intense tropical cyclone of the south Pacific Ocean and is regarded as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of Vanuatu.

The Primary School in Ranwas Village was completely destroyed in the Cyclone. The roof was ripped off leaving the walls to be torn apart and the contents of the classrooms to be destroyed by wind and rain.



As a result, classes are now held in a combination of an old UNICEF tent, a temporary shelter made from tarpaulins and the village church house. Since the cyclone, the community has been able to construct a building to teach within, but are still in desperate need of additional classroom and library spaces.

Vanuatu’s climate poses some interesting design challenges, especially in relation to the library space. Due to the erratic weather and high humidity levels, books become moist and rot very quickly. Our aim is to design a space which can overcome this issue, preserving the books through a sustainable and low maintenance solution.

The project will run for an 8 week construction period, and will see 20 volunteers and an equal number of local community members construct a new library and classroom space for the children of Ranwas Village.



CAUKIN Studio will be working with The Tanbok Project, a charity established in 2015 whose aim is to provide funding for the provision of community facilities. As well as this TTP  carry out in depth research into the many villages in Vanuatu to help identify need in these areas and have the highest impact.

The Tanbok Project approached CAUKIN back in 2017 to explore the possibilities of constructing a classroom and library in Ranwas and have been working closely ever since to make this project a reality.



Applications to participate in this project are now open! Visit our APPLICATION PAGE to see the full details and fill in an application form.

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Joshua Peasley