Timber, Timber and More Timber!

On project, we always aim to find our materials as close to where we are building as possible. With that in mind, we couldn't quite believe our luck when we pulled into a timber yard a that was, excluding a few tall palm trees, almost visible from the site and still in the village of Masama.

Mr Yayah Jaloh Enterprise is a tightly family run business supplying locally grown 'forest stick' timber (Gmelina Arborea). The family have been running their business for over 20 years, passing down through the family. Mr Yayah Jaloh and his son Shelia [Cee - la] along with some of Shelias friends Mill the timber for sale that is used in construction all over the community. The timber comes in standard 12ft lengths and various cross sections, which Yayah and Shelia cut down on order request - there is some creative thinking on our part needed due to some fairly wavey lengths!


Yayah and his family have grown very close to the build, helping us on several occasions with construction as well as very swift deliveries. Well above and beyond this Yayah and his wife, a local seamstress, have designed and tailor-made traditional outfits for the whole team, just in time for Mohameds wedding!

CAUKIN Studio always strive to source materials and tools locally and are passionately commited to supporting local businesses. We are proud to be contributing to the local economy and always consider our socio-economic impact where we build. This is not only better for the world but also results in some amazing relationships, and sometimes even clothes!

Joshua Peasley