Off To A Great Start! | Fiji Weeks 1 & 2!

Our journey to Fiji has taken 4 days but we've finally arrived! It's great to be back to see some familiar faces. We spent some time in Singapore, sorting out final project preparations before we met the volunteers in Fiji on the 26th July! 

We've been very busy and have had a really productive couple of weeks since the volunteers arrived!

Upon the volunteer's arrival to the village on the first day, we presented a Sevusevu- a traditional offering of a Kava Root to the village which seeks the volunteers acceptance to the village. See the video below!

We then visited last year's projects to give the volunteers and idea of the size and scale of the buildings we hope to achieve this year. It was really good to see both buildings fully in use! The Kindergarten at Naweni has seen a 300% increase in attendance since completion!

Our first day on site consisted of site inductions, getting to know the tools and measuring out the holes for the foundations. Emily was especially excited about getting started on the ground works!

The next few days consisted of digging the foundation holes, making trusses at Naidi / frames in Savudrodro and preparing the pine poles for their erection within the holes! Our team has worked tirelessly to achieve a huge amount across both sites in such a short period of time! A summary of week one, including some of the weekend activities we got up to, can be seen below:


It is important in Fijian culture that the first pine pole in the ground receives a blessing. In this ceremony, the leader from each tribe in the village takes part in pouring concrete into the hole whilst a prayer is sung. It is believed that by blessing the building, all evil spirits are abolished!

The Savudrodro Team have been enjoying their down time by playing along side the kids in the river. Plenty of down time after a long day of frame assembly is a must!

Joshua Peasley