We're Half Way Through! | Fiji Weeks 3 & 4!

The last two weeks have been productive and the projects have progressed a huge amount. The start of week 3 saw the Savudrodro team completing the fabrication of the portal frames as well as setting their foundations out. The wet weather didnt dishearten our volunteers however!

Time off has been spent by relaxing on the beach, snorkelling at the locally renowned 'Split Rock' and taking a boat trip to see the giant clams as part of The Justin Hunter Pearl Farm. 

The Naidi Team have been busy completing the prefabrication of the stud work and trusses, as well as erecting the pine poles, ready for the concrete supplied by Fulton Hogan Hiways to be delivered! 

The start of the fourth week for both sites saw the concrete being poured, a huge milestone in the project which was certainly celebrated with a few bowls of Kava! 

Before our first four week volunteers left, we managed to install the Savudrodro frames and Naidi trusses, all in the space of one day. A huge achievement for such a short period of time on site! 

We want to say a huge thank you to our first four week volunteers for their enormous contribution to these communities and the projects, we really hope to see you again! 

In Savudrodro village we’d like to thank:

Grace Byrne
Holly Chapman
Sarah Delaynee
Bethany Elmer
Sarah Noble
Adam Wade
Jue Wu
Qing Yu

In Naidi village we’d like to thank:

María Reyes Bariáin
Emily Charlton
Maggie Dalton
Lewis Danielsen
Nia Davydova
Sa Sa Jesslyne
Ash Kendall
Cassie Li
Richard Rothwell
Connor Tulip
Lili Wagner
Janet Ka Wong

Joshua Peasley