Arrival in Sierra Leone!

We've arrived!!!

Tired, a little dishevelled but full of optimism CAUKIN leaders Harry T and Sam have arrived in Sierra Leone, to get preparations under way for our FIRST EVER project in Africa! Whilst here in Kambia, Sierra Leone, we will be building a brand new playground for the children of the Simon Jen Primary School in the nearby village of Masama.


Having woken (somewhat bleary eyed) around 3am in Cardiff and London we travelled for around 16 hours by bus, plane and truck making it to Kambia, in Northern Sierra Leone.


Met by Kambia District Foundation representatives Emily, Mohamed, Charles and Foday at the Lungi International airport we drove, by truck, up to Kambia through the various checkpoint stops. Having settled in to our accommodation we began getting to know various people that will be involved in the project this year - the teachers of the school in Masama, the Masama village elders, workers of the Kambia District Foundation and loads more friendly faces!

Having been here for a few days now we have been able to visit the school and all its wonderful and highly energetic kids (or 'pikins' over here), meet materials and tools suppliers, visit the site to finalise the design and we have begun to map out or storage spaces and 'site office'.


It's been an amazing and hectic few days but we've enjoyed everything so far and know that there's plenty more fun to come!


Harry T and Sam

Harrison Marshall