What is CAUKIN Studio?

CAUKIN Studio is a collective of current and graduated architecture students working on a range of design and construction projects worldwide. The team first got together in 2015 when the very first project, Playscape, was completed in Koh Rong, Cambodia. CAUKIN’s working practice seeks to tackle social, environmental and economical problems through beautiful, well-crafted design.

 By seeking collaboration and the active involvement of different communities we hope to make an impact on everyday lives of local people and the architectural community as a whole. We hope that these projects not only provide communities new leases of life or much needed relief, but they also teach groups of volunteers hot to use their skills in a way that can help others endlessly.

We’ve put this short video together to give you an insight into CAUKIN Studio, who we are and what we do:


Want to get involved in one of our builds? Find out how you can volunteer or propose your own project by contacting us.


A huge thank you to Katie Edwards for putting this beauty together! Check out some of her photos from Fiji and other work here.

Joshua Peasley