y syniad | CARDIFF


Project Location: Viriamu Jones Gallery, Cardiff University, UK

Project Build: 1 day

Event dates: 13th - 17th November 2017

Client: Enterprise and Start-Up, Cardiff University

Project Leader: Andrzej Bak

Project team: Samantha Litherland, Harrison Marshall, Joshua Peasley, Harry Thorpe

Special thanks to: Salma Aitali, Velislava Doneva





Y Syniad was a pop-up event space for Cardiff University Enterprise and Start-Up’s Entrepreneurship Support Week.


Working to a particularly tight budget and timeframe, the installation reimagined the historic Viriamu Jones Gallery at the heart of Cardiff University’s Main Building as a creative space for developing business ideas.


Freestanding frames in 2” x  2” rough sawn pine over-stretched with white scaffold debris netting created a series of room-like spaces of varying proportions, responsive to the client’s programmatic requirements.


One half of the installation offered a long, tall presentation space, with the other half encompassing a co-working area featuring bespoke ‘write-on’ desks by CAUKIN. Tucked away off of the co-working space, a more densely-screened ‘room’ sets the scene for 1-to-1 business advice meetings.


Creating a sense of openness and curiosity in the event goings-on was the overall design driver for the project, achieved by the transparent netting screens defining each activity space.


CAUKIN designed spray paint graphics on OSB hoardings accented the final composition with the client’s brand colours.